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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share videos.

Group Rules

Respect and Professionalism

Treat all members with respect and maintain a professional tone in your interactions. Constructive criticism is welcome, but personal attacks or offensive language will not be tolerated.

Stay on Topic

Keep discussions and posts related to writing, publishing, marketing, and related topics. Off-topic posts will be removed.

Promotion Guidelines

Promotional posts should be limited. If you have a new book or a relevant service to promote, you may do so within designated promotional threads. Excessive self-promotion or spamming is not allowed.

No Hate Speech or Discrimination

Hate speech, discrimination, or offensive content related to race, gender, religion, or other characteristics is strictly prohibited.

No Plagiarism

Do not post or share copyrighted content that does not belong to you without proper attribution or permission. Plagiarism is not tolerated.

Respect Privacy

Do not share personal information about others without their consent. Be mindful of privacy.

Be Mindful of Copyright

When sharing content, ensure you have the right to do so, or give proper credit and attribution to the original creator.

Constructive Critique

If providing feedback or critique, make it constructive and helpful. Remember that we are here to support and learn from each other.

No Sensitive Topics

Avoid discussing sensitive political or religious topics. This group is primarily for writing and publishing discussions.


If you come across a post or comment that violates these rules, please report it to the group admins.

Admin Decisions

Admins have the right to remove any content or members that do not adhere to these rules. Please respect their decisions.

Have Fun and Learn

Ultimately, this group is a community for authors and publishers to connect, learn, and grow. Feel free to ask questions, share your experiences, and enjoy the journey together.


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  • November 5, 2023


  • Gafar Liameed

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