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Qasim "Diva" | A Music Video Project


Chicago, IL


Project Producer

Project type

Music Video Production

Qasim, an artist deeply connected to melody, sound, and lyricism, embarked on a remarkable music video project titled "Diva." With a passion for music ingrained in his core, Qasim gained recognition by fearlessly singing Islamic passages at the mosque, rather than merely reading them. This project was a grand endeavor, featuring a talented team of professionals who brought their expertise to the table.

Leading the project was director Chris Vergara, collaborating with writer Anastasia Davis to bring Qasim's vision to life. Assisting them was Director of Photography Zach Roy, capturing stunning visuals that enhanced the overall experience. The production was expertly managed by Royalviewz Worthy Group, with the esteemed production company Round 3 / 3DN Media providing their support.

The crew consisted of skilled individuals such as Steadicam Operator Austin Vinas, ensuring smooth and captivating shots, and Gaffer Mayank Mishra, who expertly manipulated lighting to create the desired atmosphere. Additionally, Grip Patrick aBELLA lent his expertise to the production, and Editor Kaz Ove skillfully crafted the final product. Grube Kolory, the colorist, added a vibrant and immersive touch to the video. Stylist Bidemi curated visually stunning looks, while Goldmacc contributed creative choreography that brought Qasim's performance to life.

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