From Music Videos to Vlogs: Showing Off Your Stuff

Everyone today can set up a video camera and record themselves singing or performing. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, are putting out videos every day on places like YouTube to try and get noticed. Some of these are performers. Others have special skills they want to share with the world. In many cases, it is obvious these are amateurs utilizing cheap equipment that is far from flattering. In some cases, it is blatantly obvious the person being filmed has no knowledge at all about the video end of the production, even though they may be excellent at performing. These videos get overlooked and eventually hidden beneath a pile of videos of equally poor quality. You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, and we have the perfect solution, professional video.

You've probably heard the expression "Fake it until you make it." You know you are talented. You know you have a lot to offer the world. You don't need to fake this part. What you do need to fake is your success. You need to present yourself as successful before anyone will take you seriously enough to give you a second look. Instead of singing into a microphone with your kitchen sink in the background, think about how a professional music video would come across to prospective studios? People will remember it better, watch the whole thing more often, and actually share it more on social media. You will start to get more notice, and some of that notice will be from people who can make your career a reality.

The same is true for a professionally filmed vlog. Just by changing where you are filming and the quality of the finished project, you change the way viewers see you. The more professional quality of your video gives a greater impression of authority. As you gain more viewers, you allow your vlog to be noticed by more advertisers. This helps you monetize your vlog. It also helps professionals in your field stand up and take notice of you. You become the go-to person to test new products in your area of expertise. You set yourself up for a possible weekly show on television or the internet surrounding your passion. The roads to various types of success open up and you find yourself with more options than you thought possible. All this because you started projecting that level of professionalism first. You no longer are faking it; you are making it!

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