Pretty Savage's Debut Project Release Party

After three years of waiting in the wings, DMV's own Pretty Savage is coming into her own with the release of her self-titled debut project. She unveiled the offering with her G-Herbo, Machine Entertainment Group co-founder Mikkey Halsted and the 150 Dream Team for her album listening party at CRC Studios in Chicago.

Pretty Savage's family and friends along with local industry insiders attended the private listening party which was curated by Theresa Ashford and Mikkey. The guests were greeted with drinks and wings catered from Mikky's Retro Grill and fellowship to the sounds of G-Herbo's catalogue. Grade A Productions CEO, George "G-Money" Dickenson also arrived to show his support as well.

As Pretty Savage finally arrived, she greeted the guests and everyone finally got a chance to hear Pretty Savage, which didn't take long to impress the whole room. The project is an explosive and compelling offering of fiery raps and heartfelt storytelling. Pretty Savage is well-rounded debut that shows why Pretty Savage will be on her way towards a bright future in hip hop.

As the festivities were coming to a close, Mikkey Halsted and Savage shared a tender moment as he imparted some words of encouragement to her.

“From the first time that I heard you, I knew that you were special. I told Herb and he knew you were special. And it’s been a long journey, it’s been starts and stops, but one thing’s for sure is that me and my little brother right here never stopped believing in you, believing in your talent, and believing that you’re the hardest shit too,” Mikkey tells Savage.

“It’s just the beginning, you’re special. I feel like you’re gonna be one of the icons in this game. Not just one of the best female rappers, but one of the best rappers of this came,” he concluded.

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