TiqTalk Tv Episode 2 | Valenti Official (#C17) Chicago Interview

We got the chance to welcome one of London's newest artist, Valenti (#C17), to our city. Valenti dropped his first record "Runner", and with the success of that record the demand called for more. Bringing us to his current hit "Loco", which only dropped 3 months ago, and already has international success. Here's more insight on how he got started in music as a rapper, how DRILL music is going through political censorship in the U.K., and how that affects his musical journey. Find out more on Valenti (#C17) and how to stay updated on the new music he has to come below. Also, don't forget to comment and share to let us know if he has that Tiq, that sets him apart from the rest.

Latest mixtape link: YVs World

Instagram: Valenti.official

Snapchat: Valenti.100


7505 S Calumet Ave
Chicago, IL 60619

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