TiqTalk Tv Episode 3 | John The Author

Joining TiqTalk this week is one of Chicago's most proactive and talented artist, John The Author. John is one of the few who upholds his community through his music, while expressing the versatility in his life experiences. In this interview, John lets us in on how much music has been one of the balancing factors in his life. As an artist, John expresses how he finds comfort while focusing on music, family, health, and friends all while still making quality content. If you haven't already heard his latest album, "Burn The Books", click the link below! Using the #TiqTalk, comment below what you find most interesting, letting us know if he has that Tiq! The juice that sets him apart from the rest.

Instagram: @John_theauthor

Website: https://www.johntheauthor.com/

Latest Album: Burn The Books


7505 S Calumet Ave
Chicago, IL 60619

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