TiqTalk Tv Episode 5 | Passion Thirteen #JapanTanCo

On TikTalk we have one of Chicago's urban socialites, Passïon Thïrteen. While drinking Mabe's deli smoothies and talking about JAPAN TAN CO.We got the opportunity to dive a bit deeper into the creative process behind the brand. She creates reconstructive pieces from any material that she deems worthy. Beginning this craft was a way for her to stay stylish in hand me downs from her many brothers. Passion has broken many barriers in her life, and moving to LA without her son is one that she knows is well worth overcoming in the long run. Her son is what pushes her beyond her own fears. Her career and her son correlate, so putting in the work to make both of them shoot above the clouds is indeed inspirational. This conversation was enlightening, and she even dropped some real life gems on us about power, passion, and rebellion. Born and raised in Chicago, taking off and highlighting her own talent, Passion Thirteen most definitely has the juice, the #Tiq that we never knew we needed.

Passion Thirteen: Passïon Thïrteen


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