TiqTalk Tv Episode 6 | Mario Smith "The Silver Room Block Party"

Hosted by Wale Abdul

Joining #TiqTalk this week is Mario Smith a man that gets behind the true definition of what it means to be a humanitarian and what it takes to have a successful community. We turn the pages and get into the history of The Silver Room Block Party; who it's for, what's their aim, the challenges they face and what they hope to achieve in years to come. Celebrating sixteen years as your not-so-average block party, you are invited to immerse yourself into the rich culture of #Chicago and the community of #HydePark. Striving on togetherness and the idol community an award will be presented to someone who is a community activist and a genuine humanitarian. Named after Mario Smith #TheVoiceOfThePeopleAward, this isn't an event you want to miss surrounded by beautiful people with talk of growth and positivity. Save the date in your calendar, July 20th! For further information, visit Here from #TiqTalk, providing you with the news and the juice.

Written by Rachael Shallow

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