Morgan Mimosa

Timeless is the music and Morgan Mimosa is the name. Being compared to Missy, Kanye West and Eve, Morgan Mimosa isn't anyone but herself. Her upbeat Rap, R&B, Pop and Dance music packs a punch and comes in a variety of flavor. From Chicago, Illinois- Westside Holy City she was inspired by her aunt and uncle both lyricist and her dad a DJ. Morgan goes on to win Female Rapper of the year at the Chicago Music Awards in 2011, rocking a crowd in Wisconsin to her dance single "Bitch Dance", opening for Jazmin Sullivan and a cypher on Sway In The Morning Show. Morgan Mimosa is FEARLESS!!.

Positive vibes and high energy Morgan Mimosa resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently working on putting together an album titled "Morgan Station", her latest single "Freak Dat Boi". Fearless with a unique sound it doesn't stop there. Morgan is also working on an organization that helps the homeless clean up and find jobs, she wants the organization to be called "Feed The Homies". Serving up the sound and a helping hand, " keep being the greatest"- Tony Baines

Rico Bandana

Romance is his thing, and the acoustic area he floats into gives a sensation of fulfillment and happiness. Or at least that is the aim in the writing and recording process. From Chicago Illinois, Rico Bandana was inspired by Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. Watching Marvin studio hop playing instruments and laying down vocals, while Mike’s vocals stood out to him. Complimented on his vocals, Rico Bandana has been compared to Chris Brown and the Weekend. A no brainier considering they have the same idols. Rico Bandana has shared the stage with Sound Posse and the YBMG family in his time as an artist. The most profound performance for Rico Bandana, was at the U of I Urbana-Champaign. The atmosphere was alive and the energy contagious. All part of what an artist hopes for. After his first solo EP project “Pro Pain",  Rico Bandana has put forth a lot of time, focus and energy into touring the Midwest, branding, and his upcoming project “Better This Way “. Stay in tune for the man on the move, Rico Bandana.

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