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Turn Your Manuscript into a Published Book with Expert Guidance

Embark on your publishing journey with Royalviewz Worthy Group’s exclusive webinar. Designed specifically for aspiring authors, this webinar provides comprehensive insights into self-publishing, empowering you to bring your story to the world."

What You’ll Learn:

  • Self-Publishing Essentials

  • Crafting Your Manuscript

  • Navigating the Self-Publishing Process

  • Marketing Your Book

  • Real Success Stories

Webinar Details:​

  • Date and Time: Self-Paced

  • Duration: 16 Steps

  • Price: $99.99

Exclusive Features

  • Expert Speaker: Gain insights from seasoned self-publishing professional.

  • Interactive Q&A: Get answers to your specific queries.

  • Comprehensive Resource Kit: Essential tools and resources for every self-publishing author.

  • Community Networking: Connect with a community of like-minded authors.

  • Writers at any stage of their self-publishing journey.

  • Creative individuals seeking to independently publish their work.

  • Storytellers ready to take control of their publishing destiny.

Target Audience

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Get Inspired With Affirmations For Daily Living
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